Manufacturing and Your Online Presence

I remember back in the 90s when trade shows were quite robust. They were the spine of the B2B industry, not only for Manufacturing, but the wider B2B community.

Enter: The Internet

It’s taken a lot longer for the manufacturing industry to catch on to online communication and social networking when compared to other industries. I’m not quite sure why that is but you can see by the outdated 90s’esque websites littered throughout the manufacturing sector that, not a lot of investment has been thrown into this area.

Here’s 3 Ways You can bring your Manufacturing Company into the Social Age:


This is perhaps the most important of the social profiles for manufacturers in the B2B sector. If your BDM is not active on LinkedIN, then something is up. You need to have 1 or two guys on Premium, sending INMail to potential customers, generating new business, if they don’t reply, your INMail gets credited back to you.


Google is still, and will be for many years to come, the most frequently used online resource for Searching for things online. If your site is not on page #1, then it might as well not exist. Robyn from Robyn Archer SEO Sydney says “it’s really easy to la the foundations for SEO without too much investment, you can really start to see some excellent visibility in your industry”.

Update: People need to be wary about the current SEO landscape as there is always updates in the algorithm, the best way to make sure you are safe is to be natural and don’t over-do your SEO. Hire a Sydney SEO Consultant that knows how to market your content appropriately.

Email Marketing

Perhaps the most cost effective and highest ROI is something that nobody does.


I don’t mean to get snarkey but if you had a list 3,000 potential customers who you could email at will about your new products or new technologies.

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