New Manufacturing Guidelines for Window Blind Safety

Three new European Standards have been announced which will help manufacturers in the improvement of internal window blinds safety. These standards are particularly aimed towards reducing the risk of accidents which are associated with the cords utilized for window blind operation.

The reason behind the development of these latest European Standards for internal window blinds was due to a request made by the European Commission issued on September 4, 2012 — Standardized Mandate 505. The CEN Technical Board accepted this request in October 2012, this was done with a sense of urgency after there had been reports of young children undergoing fatal accidents die to strangulation by the cords which hung loosely. New products are able to apply these solutions the CEN defined as can blinds which have already been installed.

CEN released the following three new European Standards today:

• Internal Blinds — Requirements for Performance Which Include Safety (EN 13120:2009+A1:2014.)
• Internal Blinds — Test Methods for Guarding Against Strangulation Hazards (EN 16433:2014)
• Internal Blinds — Test Methods and requirements for Forms for Safety Device Methods Guarding Against Strangulation Hazards (EN 16434:2014)

The European Commission will now be offered the standards to be referenced in the Official Journal of the European Union, this way the products that are manufactured adhering to these standards are able to benefit from the EU’s Directive on General Product Safety´s `presumption of conformity.´

The updated European Standards for internal window blinds were created by the Working Group for ´Blinds and Shutters’ of the Technical Committee at CEN (CEN/TC 33/WG 3) on `windows, doors, building hardware, shutters and curtain walling. The Working Group were able to benefit for the experts who participated and represented the manufacturers and testing laboratories for window blinds, as well as from ANEC nominated child safety experts who are the voice in standardization for the European consumer. There have also been benefits for CEN form the close cooperation provided by Australian, Canadian and American product safety regulators, towards the framework of an Pilot Alignment Initiative that is International and on the Safety of Window Coverings that are Corded.

Patio Blinds

The new standards will also cover the highly popular outdoor patio blinds and zip screens. Sydney outdoor blinds will need to be fitted with the same safety mechanisms.

Today on February, 19 the CEN Members will be provided with the new European Standards. Over the following six months, these will also be implemented, meaning published by all CEB members, signifying the thirty three European countries National Standard Bodies that include all EFTA and EU Member States — in accordance to the Internal Regulations provided by CEN. These European Standards may also be translated by CEN Members into the national languages of each of their countries.

The previously existing internal blinds requirements are amended by EN 13120:2009+A1:2014 including safety and published on 2009, these specify the requirements which should be fulfilled by internal blinds when they are being fit in a building. Being as the scope of this text is considerably extended by the amendment, it not only covers roller blinds, pleated blinds, venetian blinds and vertical blinds — but also Roman shades, panel blinds, roll-up blinds, honeycomb blinds, Australian/Festoon blinds and plantation shutters. The clause of `protection from strangulation´ is also significantly expanded to address specific hazards that cords pose.

Internal Blinds — Test Methods for Guarding Against Strangulation Hazards (EN 16433:2014) is a new standard in which test methods that are able to be used to make certain that window blinds conform the related requirements which are specified in EN 13129 in relation to `protection from strangulation´ are specified

Internal Blinds — Test Methods and requirements for Forms for Safety Device Methods Guarding Against Strangulation Hazards (EN 16434:2014) is a new standard in which requirements and test methods are specified for safety devices which are able to improve the safety associated with window blinds as well as prevent accidents from occurring. These safety devices are able to be fitted to window blinds through the process of manufacturing or they may also be retrofitted to a window blind that has already been installed.

Synthetic Grass Manufacturing Selection Process

Many factories throughout China have been turning to artificial turf production as it gains extreme popularity in western nations like Australia. Australian cities like Perth in particular have been turning to artificial grass because of their harsh climate.

fake grass in Perth

Choosing the best artificial turf Perth, that resembles natural grass, can be intimidating. We have however outlined some factors you should look for when shopping for this artificial grass.

1. Check out its color
Synthetic grass comes in varying colors, which is the reason you need to pick yours very carefully. Unlike natural grass that shapes itself, you need to choose a color that will blend in with other natural shades in the homestead. It is however advisable to choose a green shade that resembles the natural beauty of living grass. There are synthetic grass variables that incorporate green and dried grass for a more realistic look and feel.

2. Distinguish between different artificial grass varieties
Just like natural grass, synthetic grass is available in various types and quality. The differences mostly come in the shapes of the grass blades, length, and grass types. The most commonly mimicked grass in this area are buffalo and couch grass types. In your selection process, consider choosing synthetic grass that resembles natural grass already in your lawn, or its surroundings. This will at least make it look realistic and very hard for visitors to notice it is synthetic. Understanding which grass types to use during cool or warm climate is a plus as well.

3. The grass’ Look and feel
Most people tend to overlook this factor and buy just any synthetic lawn they can find. You however shouldn’t make such a mistake but buy what you really wish for in your lawn. Synthetic lawn comes in two forms, the springy (just as natural grass) and firm grass. The two types of lawn are designed for a reason. The springy synthetic grass, for example, emulates natural grass and is great to lie on, or for children to play on. The tough grass however is for lawns that are rarely used, and whose main purpose is to keep the surrounding neat.

Choosing the right synthetic grass for your needs
Some people buy synthetic grass to help beautify their lawn and reduce the manual work required to maintain natural grass while others buy the springy natural grass as it feels great under the feet. While shopping for this grass type, look for the variety that can last a minimum of 10 years, and one that is easy to install. These are some of the many factors and features one should consider when looking for synthetic lawn to buy. Of course, your budget will dictate what type of lawn you will be able to buy. If you are working with a limited budget, some window-shopping will be required to find dealers who sell high-quality grass and at reasonable prices.

Manufacturing and Your Online Presence

I remember back in the 90s when trade shows were quite robust. They were the spine of the B2B industry, not only for Manufacturing, but the wider B2B community.

Enter: The Internet

It’s taken a lot longer for the manufacturing industry to catch on to online communication and social networking when compared to other industries. I’m not quite sure why that is but you can see by the outdated 90s’esque websites littered throughout the manufacturing sector that, not a lot of investment has been thrown into this area.

Here’s 3 Ways You can bring your Manufacturing Company into the Social Age:


This is perhaps the most important of the social profiles for manufacturers in the B2B sector. If your BDM is not active on LinkedIN, then something is up. You need to have 1 or two guys on Premium, sending INMail to potential customers, generating new business, if they don’t reply, your INMail gets credited back to you.


Google is still, and will be for many years to come, the most frequently used online resource for Searching for things online. If your site is not on page #1, then it might as well not exist. Robyn from Robyn Archer SEO Sydney says “it’s really easy to la the foundations for SEO without too much investment, you can really start to see some excellent visibility in your industry”.

Update: People need to be wary about the current SEO landscape as there is always updates in the algorithm, the best way to make sure you are safe is to be natural and don’t over-do your SEO. Hire a Sydney SEO Consultant that knows how to market your content appropriately.

Email Marketing

Perhaps the most cost effective and highest ROI is something that nobody does.


I don’t mean to get snarkey but if you had a list 3,000 potential customers who you could email at will about your new products or new technologies.